Crowd-driven innovation

Today's most innovative companies develop products, create new services, and imagine the future of their business based on the rapid and accurate feedback from a community.

Tak! crowd

Tak! by Dscovr is our crowd of 500.000 European consumers who can be activated in real time to obtain insights and data to support brand or product strategies. Each action allows profiled crowd users to earn coins and redeem them for gift cards.

A powerful research community

Obtain a wide variety of insights to support your strategies with Dscovr.

You can identify gaps in the customer experience in order to improve products and services in your catalogue, or assess consumer needs to develop new product lines.

Get in touch with the people you need

Using proprietary Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Dscovr is able to profile Tak! users with extreme accuracy, according to their behaviour and attitudes.


Get insights from your consumer faster than ever


Establish a strong and constant connection with your crowd


Get the most accurate information you need


Take advantage of Dscovr most competitive pricing

conoscere Tak?

Real people,
strong relationship

The platform always creates very concrete activities with important brands. I appreciate the attention to detail, the kindness and availability and above all the seriousness. Happy to be part of this community!

da Torino

I like to see companies trying to improve themselves and I am happy to have a say in the services I would like for me and my family.

da Empoli