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Efficiently conduct both qualitative and quantitative research with a high-quality audience in a single place, maintaining agency-level rigour while saving time and reducing costs.
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Master Qualitative Research

Connect to Dscovr's integrated qualitative research platform. Craft discussion guides, conduct diverse interview methods, centralise notes, and harness the power of AI for insight generation.
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measure, test and validate insights AT SCALE

Execute Quantitative Research with precision

Champion advanced research and surveys. Achieve swift, top-notch data collection through diverse tools and AI, simplifying your research process and optimising outcomes.
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Effortlessly Tap into Your Target

Access a pre-screened, on-demand participant pool to reliably connect with your target audience, or conveniently onboard your employees—all in one place.
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Agency Rigour & Unparalleled Service

Our skilled team is available for full-service quantitative research and customisable qualitative support for projects of any type, size, or phase.
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Dscovr is optimised for teams navigating strategic decisions for products and services

Develop intuitive user experiences

Identify usability requirements, validate concepts, and gather customer feedback to enhance digital and physical interactions across touch-points.

Continuous Product Discovery

Integrate customer-centric data at each development phase to create products that meet users genuine needs and desires.

Amplify market research capabilities

Simplify qualitative research to match the ease of quantitative methods while targeting your niche for precision.

Your Rapid Innovation Station

Implement concept and smoke testing to support innovation and transformation. Validate early to adopt a lean startup approach.

Flexible & adaptable plans and services
Bringing Unmatched Speed & Simplicity to Research
All this for a fraction of the cost

How Dscovr is innovating conventional research

We've developed a solution that streamlines and simplifies even the most complex research projects, intuitively designed for anyone to jump right in—ensuring access to every insight.
Qualitative research avoidance
Challenges in recruiting, recording interviews, coupled with the complexity of analysis, dissuade teams from conducting one of the most valuable research activities.
Be empowered by qualitative research
Streamline your workflow by replacing several tools with a single workspace and leverage built-in AI to automate tasks you would typically avoid.
Unknown origin of responses
Without a thorough audience quality check, there's no guarantee that respondents are authentic customers.
Get the answers that matter
Access a verified and curated network of high-quality consumers and professionals, to connect with an authentic audience.
Hidden price tag
Pricing isn't straightforward and you need to  divulge all project details before getting a quote.
Transparent pricing from the get go
Pricing that’s crystal clear from the start and flexible to match your budget.

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