Live research, simplified & unified

Dive into qualitative research with Dscovr Live. Get discussion guide assistance, conduct interviews, centralise notes and take advantage of speedy AI analytics—all within a few clicks' reach.
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Unleash real insights with our cutting-edge qualitative research platform

Dscovr Live is specially designed for various interview methods and real-time conversations with key stakeholders. Experience the ease of stress-free recruiting, scheduling, and logistics—all taken care of by us!

One to one interview

Choose between moderated or unmoderated sessions

Skilfully perform interviews

Go deeper and get to the core of your audiences needs and desires

Focus Groups

Gather diverse perspectives to spark new ideas

Choose between moderated or unmoderated sessions

Obtain group insights through an interactive group dynamic

User Testing

Enhance user experiences

Get direct feedback from your audience on service or product features

Pinpoint usability issues and areas for improvement


Stay on track with these built-in AI backed tools

Approach your research with confidence, assured by the robust capabilities of our AI technology.
Discussion Guide Assistant
Automated Insight & Qualitative Summary Generator
Searchable Research Repository

Equipped with all the essential interview features

Recruitment & scheduling

Provide us with your objectives, targets, and schedule, and we'll handle the process of finding, recruiting, and rewarding participants.

Observation room

Invite your team members to observe the participant while being interviewed without disturbing the conversation.

Clip reels

Capture key moments in your conversations, generate video clips from the transcript, and easily share or embed them in company materials.

Centralised & time stamped note taking

Consolidate your discussion guide and note-taking in one accessible location to enhance organisation, clarity and focus during interviews.

Immediate & accurate multi-language transcripts

Elevate the overall efficiency and precision of your interviews with transcription options in 50+ languages.


Sentiment Analysis

Inspired by neuro-marketing, our Emotional Analysis Tracker, an advanced AI feature, skilfully analyses participants tone of voice and language. Providing nuanced insights and an additional layer of validation.

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