Recruit high-quality user testing participants

Dscovr Crowd recruitment offers a pre-screened participant pool for effortless, reliable, and hassle-free connection with your target audience— all expertly handled by us.
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Effortlessly & swiftly recruit your audience for qual and quant research

Our European-wide network brings together a diverse community of engaged consumers and professionals who have opted in. You can even onboard your own employees, all in one place.

B2B & Professionals

B2B network for industry-driven insights

Rigorously screened, vetted, and regularly updated participants

Access hard to reach niche audiences

Users & Customers

Obtain authentic high-quality consumer insights

Participants undergo agency standard screening, vetting and validation

On demand network of customers

Recruit from your own database or employees

Tap into your own talent pool

Easily sign employees up to the platform

Meet internal research needs by onboarding your own employees to provide feedback

Equipped with all the essential interview features

Logistics & Scheduling

Provide us with your objectives, targets, and schedule, and we'll handle the process of finding, recruiting, and rewarding participants.

Wide & Targeted Database

Explore a database with over 500,000 on-demand participants within our extensive European network.

Filter to Your Niche

Narrow down your search to identify the key individuals who can provide high-quality and relevant information aligned with your objectives.

Screening & Verification

Guaranteed high-quality and accurate insights through verified authentic user profiles and target audience credentials.

Customer Segmentation

Our team will categorise your customers to identify trends and patterns within specific groups or demographics.

A diverse, precise and engaged European network






Engaged consumers



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