Confident & Rigorous Quantitative Analysis

Dscovr Insights simplifies quantitative research with advanced survey tools, automated templates, AI-driven analysis, and reporting. Get rapid, high-quality data through Dscovr's diverse and sophisticated methods.
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Tailored end-to-end capabilities to meet your quantitative research needs

Carry out surveys and advanced quantitative research with ease.

Test a diverse audience at scale

Adapt your sample size

Access Dscovr Crowd to recruit with ease

Quickly find and reach your target audiences

Simplified & Integrated Tools

Gather diverse perspectives to spark new ideas

Survey creation and survey logic support

Enhance productivity with shared reporting & visuals

Test & Validate Periodically

Measure impact over time

Retarget the same audience

Understand changes in preferences & behaviours over time

Equipped with all the essential interview features

Expert Survey Design Support

Get help designing effective surveys that avoid ambiguous questions, leading language, or unclear response options, preventing inaccurate data.

Precise Objective Definition

We specialise in helping you define clear objectives, ensuring that every data collection effort leads to meaningful and actionable insights.

Unbiased Sampling

Access unbiased sampling to ensure your findings are a true reflection of the broader population, providing both credible and accurate insights.

Meticulous Data Analysis

Ensure proficient data analysis, encompassing the proper handling of quantitative data and variables, to draw accurate conclusions.

Targeted Recruitment

Unlock built-in profiling for precise participant recruitment based on specific traits. Plus, leverage retargeting capabilities for enhanced engagement.

Human Expertise

Our experts are proficient in methodologies, cross-verifying findings, and analysing data, ensuring accurate and valid results.

Report Generation

We assist in generating comprehensive or concise reports. Present findings with complementary charts for visual impact.

convincing & actionable STATISTICAL

Enhance your qual findings with quant validation

Blend the richness of qualitative insights with the precision of quantitative analysis to fortify your research with credibility and reliability.

Competitive Measurement &UX Benchmarking

Assess gaps, track experiences, and measure impact against your competitors using benchmark templates and resources.

Capture insights in real-world contexts

Understand optimal paths, features, communication messages and service offer through an in-context navigation of potential products and services.

A plethora of survey and testing methods

CX Optimisation

  • Website testing

  • Landing page navigation

  • Prototype navigation

  • Digital navigation

  • App testing

UX Optimisation

  • Usability test

  • UX Design testing

  • Card sorting & Tree test

Product, Service & Concept Validation

  • Package Design

  • Messaging Testing

  • Concept Testing

  • E-Shelf

  • Fake Door

  • Monadic Testing

Benchmark Analysis

  • Competitive Analysis

  • UX Benchmark

  • Gap Analysis

Insight validation at scale

  • Feedback Surveys

  • Shopper & Category Insight

  • Awareness

  • Kano Model

  • Price Testing

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