Why Dscovr

With Dscovr Brands can instantly create their own company crowd and directly and constantly interact with people to collect real-time data generated by their very own consumers.

Dscovr technology drastically reduces the cost and time of research, returning more accurate and precise data, easily accessible through a user-friendly client dashboard.

Research team

Our team of Researchers and Insight managers provides a dedicated consultancy service that sets up the company crowd, proposes the best interaction strategies, and takes care of client satisfaction during the platform usage cycle.

Insight driven company

Integrate your customers' needs into your company's decision-making processes, find out what they need or why they don't like a new product.

Increase the strategic decisions that are made during the life cycle of a product or service thanks to a crowd-driven approach.

With Dscovr you can

Create new brand concepts
Redesign the customer journey
Create new users' set up offers
Validate new digital touchpoints
Reposition your products
Design a flagship store